Welcome to 11 Moth Hollow!

As the title clearly states, this is my blog, and I welcome you gratefully to it.

I am but a humble writer, who also enjoys designing graphics for yourself.

If you are interested, you can find more at my Graphical Designs page.

As I am sure I have stated before, you may know me simply as Kat, an aspiring author who plans and hopes to see her name in print before she turns 16. Her ambitious goal causes her to lose any sense of time or normal life, but she doesn’t care.

I will now quit talking about myself in obnoxious 3rd person and give you a few facts about me.

  • I adore chocolate raisins.
  • And rice.
  • Writing is my favourite thing to do.
  • And trampolining.
  • And trapezing.
  • I write for Teen Authors Journal.
  • I procrastinate on my novels too much.
  • I am severely ambitious.
  • I write in 1st person generally.
  • I also write in present tense.
  • My favourite genres are fantasy and sci-fi, although historical and mystery are nice.
  • I have paranormal activity hours.
  • Poetry is fun.
  • I hate butter.
  • And tomatoes.
  • And potatoes.
  • And chips.

Okay, I think that’s enough.

I shall now get on with my posting schedule:

Once a month: I will post reading and writing goals.

Every Tuesday: I will do a book review.

Every Friday/Saturday: I will do a writing blog.

Every two weeks: I will post to say how far I am with my writing goals.

Every two months: I will host writing challenges.

Every November: You will get daily posts about NanoWrimo.

Every June: You will get daily posts about Camp NanoWriMo.

I will start this as of today where I will be posting my goals for this month. Albeit, it’s seven days late, but you can’t have everything in life.

If you like this blog, please give it a follow, like or comment. 🙂

See you in my writing aims post!

-Kat ℑℑ


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